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Ancient, Incoherent Stupidity

 Many are talking about “artificial scarcity” as though it should be our primary focus. It’s just silliness. If you look at access to resources and ask if resources are scarce, you might think; no they are just being siphoned off. If you look at the Earth and try to decide if the elements are scarce, then you might consider them scarce relative to our growth. If you look at the sky and try to decide if the elements are scarce, then you might not think so at all.
 It’s not scarcity of any kind that is causing hoarding behaviors. It’s the perception of scarcity that the economic paradigm promotes. There is much more than enough to go around. Everyone on Earth could be rich if the economic system wasn’t so contrary to our nature. The reason that most people don’t strive to be rich is because they already feel rich. They already have pretty much what they want out of life. It’s the system that creates issues in most people’s lives. It’s being coerced to make someone else exorbitantly wealthy with the sweat of their brow in order to pay the rising cost of living that finance creates. It’s ancient, incoherent stupidity.
 What we are really struggling with is economizing with respect to our rate of growth. This means with technological progress as well as population. People who see scarcity are seemingly incapable of seeing the problem with forcing increasingly rapid growth. This system is punching itself out… over and over again… because it’s ancient, incoherent stupidity.
 Socialists seen to think that there is no human nature. “Capitalists” say that humans are naturally greedy. They are both completely wrong. Human nature revolves around reciprocity. Almost all humans are happy to contribute to a system that sustains them; and very few are tolerant of a system that doesn’t. Crises are coming faster and faster. What happens when several crises happen in a single lifetime? My intuition is that most people will want change. Now suppose someone has seen nothing but one crisis after another since their birth. What are they likely to do? My intuition is to bring change. Almost everyone is happy to work for enough to be comfortable. Now most work harder and get less than that under Neo-Capitalism… because it’s ancient, incoherent stupidity.