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Emergence Theory vs Postmodernism, Relativism and Realism

I must admit that it is a fact that we are unable to have an accurate view of reality due to the limitations of our senses, cognitive abilities and technology, however this is not only no excuse for reckless abandonment of the properties that we do find to have a degree of accuracy. It is observed that nature is somewhat a systemic dictatorship and the dangers associated with ignorance of the issues that too free a social paradigm could cause are still very real.

Emergence Theory:

Emergence has been a complement to Natural Selection and is a more generalized component of Systems Theory. It is a more generalized theory of origin that essentially speaks to the classical aspects of Big Bang and Super String Theories as well.

The basics of Emergence is important in that, it gives a useful framework of inquiry for the understanding of natural systems even though our potential for inquiry is limited.


Novelty is essentially the innovative aspects of the propagation of natural systems. This is found where emergence coordinates with the mass of pre-existing emergence. It is also found where entropy is normalized to coordinate with the mass of pre-existing emergence.


Entropy is found where emergence does not coordinate with the mass of pre-existing emergence. This is discernible by its disruption of systemic function.


Normalization occurs as a modification of a disruptive behavior that then contributes to systemic function. This is an important property as it also makes adaptation possible.

The Theory:

Emergence at conception is somewhat arbitrary and may or may not be useful to the function of the system. The overarching system has limited tolerance of disruption by emergent properties. Natural Selection is a good theory for explaining this . With biological systems, Evolution can lead to a few outcomes. Properties of biological systems can by chance be cooperative with the overarching system and thrive under that condition. Properties of biological systems can be disruptive of the function of the overarching system and then normalize to be more cooperative. Behaviors normal to systemic function can promote the thriving of a biological system within the ecosystem as a result of re-purposing disruptive properties toward systemic function. Biological systems can also become extinct by being overly disruptive to the ecosystem or by not being able to adapt to certain aspects of the overarching system. These outcomes are subject to specific characteristics of the emergent properties and the ecosystem, and are also subject to degrees of probability. Extinction is also not so much a negative outcome as it could be a result of the propagation of novelty. Radical change in the characteristics of biological systems eventually means the extinction of the legacy form.

Postmodernism and Relativism:

Both are probably children of political correctness. They both seem to deny a useful paradigm for the approximation of reality. They also seem to deny possible dangers associated with systemic disruption. Emergence Theory and Natural Selection both easily debunk this notion. Fortunately for those who choose this path there are many who do not. This alone could increase the probability these individuals do not become extinct. Unfortunately they increase the probability that those who make an effort at axioms for inquiry become extinct.


I thought it necessary to include Realism, as the Postmodernists and Relativists first impulse is likely to call me a Realist.

There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of logic in looking for higher truth in the breadth of our understanding. There just isn’t sufficient evidence for it. Considering Emergence Theory, reality could be ever changing and the processes could be a more accurate account of what is important for understanding nature.


It may be more useful and effective to take understanding as it comes rather than assume that there either is no answer or we essentially have the answer. It’s also important to understand the difference between axioms that are more likely to lead to useful outcomes and axioms that are more likely to misrepresent our place in the universe. The manner in which we collect and process information is important to not only our quality of life, but also our survival. Emergence Theory appears to be an axiom by which we could adapt until our breadth of understanding brings about more useful concepts.