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Decentralized Endeavors and the Human Condition (a rant)

Oligarchy has a clear and prevalent effect upon the “self esteem” of small endeavors in general. The lack of feeling in “control” of ones environment is one that brings out many unfavorable, impulsive behaviors. The lack of empathy that is perceived in governance that is merely trying to float an unstable economy at growth maximum is a social norm that has direct influence upon not only the working environment in small businesses, but also the general population. The notion of “self esteem” is a bit truncated because of it’s attention to the individual. The environmental factors add a more scientific view of what is actually occurring when comparing outcomes with basic human needs

The human impulse toward negative utility tends to create blame of a singular aspect or individual resulting in the systematic removal of said aspect or individual at blame. This occurrence is one of chaotic circumstance that leads to more individuals being pushed into poverty and even worse circumstances. This is what the more detailed view of a social system that is failing dramatically looks like. This is loss of established complexity on the individual level.

The main cause of this issue seems to go much deeper than just lack of the average individual having equal political influence though. The previous argument only addresses the immediate perceptual aspects of the behaviors. The lack of security and an accepted, authentic self is much more concerning; and something that modern society promotes in human culture.

The 1950s were an interesting time in recent history. The economy of that time boasted ample room for growth; so small endeavors could function unmolested. There was however many other aspects that are characterized as pathological. The cold war between the US and Russia was a constant point of contention that stripped away any illusion of security that financial security might promote. The McCarthyism that plagued the 50s was also accompanied with institutionally supported bigotry towards many “races”, creeds, religions and sexual orientations. The financial security of the time still didn’t result in a willingness to share the abundance. The extreme lack of security that such Orwellian tactics which existed in the 50s imposed upon the population an impedance to a personal growth that could have resulted in a US that could compete with Northern Europe in today’s political climate. This however is far from the case.

The issue goes even deeper than world politics though. Keep in mind security does not really exist. It doesn’t come from within either. It comes from empathetic human behaviors. It comes from caring about consequences not only to oneself but also to others. It comes from caring about environmental impact and general conservation of life and liberty. It comes from the confidence that we can make it together. Allow me to explain.

No matter how advanced we become, it is likely that we will continue to struggle with extinction risk factors. This is likely the way that nature functions. No matter how adept we become, we will likely never have control of our environment. It”s probably just an incoherent notion from the start. The whole notion of “self esteem” is so truncated that it’s not really all that useful. It appears to alienate a social animal rather than promote favorable interpersonal interactions. It’s a bit of a Neo-Darwinian concept as it focuses on specific needs of the individual while working against others. It in turn paves the way for justification of many pathological behaviors as post hoc justification is in essence a pretty fair description of human cognition.

The ability to actually see ones self and ones environment appears to be a basic human need. To understand ones own needs and know how to satiate them should be an unconditional basic human right. It’s not control of ones environment that makes a human whole. It’s the connection to ones environment that allows a human to give their lives meaning. It’s the need to be a part of the grand scheme that makes a person whole; and that is unlikely where the knowledge of such things are mired in strategic nonsense and false senses of security.

We are denying ourselves the needed security of feeling confident that we will make it together. Our intelligence is just as much a security liability as it is a security essential when we are incoherent; because we have the ignorance to do harm with it.

I however refuse to end this rant on a negative note. → When ← the economy crashes, there is likely to be a renewed sense of unity in the necessity. That is a mirror of the big picture. That is probably the way that it works. This is our hope. We are capable of finding a way to scale naturalistic social systems; and the worse that things get, the harder we are likely to try. Though there are many failures in the history of the biosphere, we can do this. We are predisposed to do so.